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Bei erhalten Sie die besten Informationen über die klassischen Lakhovsky Originalgeräte und Sie haben die Möglichkeit das Buch Secrets Revealed als E-Book zu erwerben, welches seinerzeit die Grundlage unserer Arbeit darstellte. Wer Informationen zum Selbstbau benötigt, kommt nicht um dieses Buch herum.

The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed – Fifth Edition

This eBook is evolving from “La Révélation” and reports the research work that has been done by our team. This research has constantly progressed during the past twelve years: the first edition of the eBook was about one hundred pages; it has grown up with new analyses and original material: today the fifth edition counts 492 pages.


The eBook reports accurately the technical analysis of the Georges Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator: machine, components, use cases and many recovered original documents. This work has been made possible since we recovered three original units in Italy once belonging to Dr. Boris  Vassileff who used these machines for many years in his clinics.


In the eBook you will also find a wealth of information about replicating, aligning and operating an original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator. Several do-it-yourself projects are described with plenty of visual material;  special credit to Roger Blain, who kindly allowed us to include in the eBook the report of his construction of his MWO replica. Rogers machine is so magnificent that it can hardly be distinguished from the original Lakhovsky MWO.




It is written in English. Relevant parts of original documents in French and Italian are translated into English and included.





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